Iphone CSR Racing Gold/Money Hack

WARNING: DO NOT? UPDATE TO THE LATEST VERSION OF THE GAME UNLESS YOU ALREADY HACKED IT! THE TRICK DOESN’T WORK ANYMORE! THE SOLUTION, IF YOU DID UPDATE IS BELOW. UPDATE FOR 1.0.7: For those who didn’t get to hack money and lost the saves here is a solution: Download CSR Racing version 1.0.6 from this link: depositfiles.com install(overwrite in Itunes or just uninstall the 1.0.7 and then copy in itunes the 1.0.6 version) and then PUT YOUR IPHONE IN FLIGHT MODE. After you made sure you have no internet connection do what i do in the video and get your gold and money. DO NOT PUT FLIGHT MODE OFF UNTILL YOU’VE MADE ALL MODIFICATIONS AND GOT YOUR MONEY IN THE GAME!! When you’re done and got all your cash, you can put Flight Mode off and enter game. They will put a message that you must update to a later version and will not let you play. Do it, update..You already fucked them ^^. After update you will have that gold waiting for you.Have fun and be rich!. In this video you will learn how to hack money and gold in CSR Racing. It’s really easy. All you need is iFile and attention to the steps in the video. I won’t insist much like in the other vids, just follow the steps: find the price in the game, search for it in the file(like in the video), modify with your millions and save. Return to game, buy the damn car and there you go. You can do the exact same thing that i did with money with gold also.Find a car that has a price in gold, search for it and do the same as with money
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24 Responses to Iphone CSR Racing Gold/Money Hack

  1. Diamond59522 says:

    If you wanna keep playing 1.0.6


    Follow My Videos

    Hack 1.0.6 and 1.0.8

  2. theblackdevil1998 says:

    Anybody? know how to jailbreak???

  3. Daniel Moncuev says:


  4. Daniel Moncuev says:

    Ratings are not allowed what!? Yay first comment…….. NEVER MIND ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? you #%•+^€^%#

  5. XAdminHunterX says:

    its ifile? from cydia you pay 5 bucks or get the cracked one by the xsellize repo and you have to be jailbroken

  6. KeaganPEBarnes says:

    What is the app u hack this with?

  7. ilmaestro95 says:

    sall imi? lasi si mie id tau?

  8. robertdubai1 says:

    buna ziua

  9. DarkEnvoyofChaos says:

    Post the link here and we can all? download this hassle free?

  10. DarkEnvoyofChaos says:

    Why do all this? U have the save file from CSR updated version with hacked gold so why not just go 2 ifunbox copy ur? save and upload it on depositfiles or mediafire?

  11. hezizheng says:

    Btw,? is jailbreak a pre-requisite?

  12. hezizheng says:

    @gabrielzisluci Thank for? the hack. Does the steps still work since the current version is 1.08?

  13. TheDMM says:

    It didnt work for me and i lost my money i did the? same steps

  14. jonathan spriggs says:

    Does any1 have? a eazy to do hack for v1.0.8 on ip4 I need money and gold coins ,

  15. funnyremy95 says:

    it writes corrupted data !!!

  16. EskimoScooters says:

    @gabrielzisluci you have to pay to? download the old version from the link

  17. landonmatt says:

    Get I file?

  18. landonmatt says:

    You have to be? jail broken to h

  19. Yousef Al-Dawood says:

    this? hack work with 1.0.8?

  20. Kaka Ted says:

    I tried to install it with ifunbox, but still failed.?

  21. Kaka Ted says:

    Thank you very much! Can you tell me where did you get that “ifile” app? I cant find it in appstore. Or, are? there any other ways to edit the data?

  22. BroadbandTVSomosTuY says:

    hey can send me money please call me? at csr racing scarleth vera

  23. slayersave9 says:

    so im a level 22 right? now… and im at tier 3 i will loose that data and go to tier 1 level 1? lol

  24. M18BOSS says:

    does it work on csr? version 1.0.8? what do i need for 1.0.8?

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